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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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and we see sunshine. the timing of thuç rain as we g into the weekend and how cool it will be, that's straight ahead. nbc 10 will be tracking the rain over the next 2 1/2 hours as you prepare for the weekend we'll be looking at your forecast, neighborhood by neighborhood. tonight at 11:00, the upto the minute outlook for saturday. now to a major health concern in our area. we're hearing from i father who lost his son to enterovirus d68. >> andrew waller spoke today for the first time since his son died from this childhood virus. the father of little eli is doing something to make his memory a lasting one. >> reporter: eli waller was a trp let. today andy waller shared his pain. >> you know, i kissed him on the forehead and gave him a big hug, gave him his night-night. i told him, eli, let's have a great day tomorrow. he just said i will, daddy, i will.
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and he was fine. he really was fine. the next morning he was not. he was no longer with us. >> reporter: eli didn't show any signs he had enterovirus d68. his dad said there were absolutely no signs. >> for this disease for eli's case, the virus will attack very suddenly and rapidly. in this case, that's what the medical examiner feels has occurred. >> reporter: the wallers say they've been overwhelmed by the love and support of their community. today they've officially put first day of school online. the foundation hopes to buy supplies and services for kids with special needs like eli had. >> make something good out of this totally random, really incredible kind of tragedy. >> reporter: in hamilton township, tim furlong, nbc news.
4:02 pm has a whole section devoted to enterovirus d68, the symptoms and the best way to stay virus-free. head to the website for advice your whole family can benefitç from. an ebola scare on a flight from philadelphia. matt delucluselucia, quite a sc that flight. >> reporter: here at the airport i've been talking with people all day, generally they are not worried but they do agree that ebola is not a joke. by now, millions have seen it. this video, shot by a passenger on board a u.s. airways flight from philadelphia to punta cana. they removed 594-year-old man who supposedly told fellow
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passengers i have ebola. minutes later, he said this. >> i didn't do nothing. >> he was stupid for one. >> reporter: mary webb is one of the millions that fly each day. she said she would haven hadaled things differently. >> i would have slapped him upside his head for playing this kind of a prank knowing how serious this problem is. >> reporter: according to news outlets in the dominican republic, the unidentified man was flown back to the united states yesterday afternoon for continued monitoring. and an infectious disease conference happening now in philadelphia, this doctor says the risk of catching ebola on a plane is small and only if you directly encounter body fluids from someone with visible symptoms. but still -- >> yelling that you have ebola on an airplane isn't a joke. it's going to cause panic. it's akin to yelling fire in a crowded theater. it's a riot type of environment. people are scared. >> it's absurd. when i get on a plane i'm already nervous enough. i don't want somebody yelling
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"i've got ebola." >> a sentiment shared by a flight attendant with 36 years of experience. >> i think the man that has said this is an idiot. >> reporter: we reached out to the nation's largest airline today to find out what they are doing in response. american airlines just like u.s. airways says it is following guidelines set by the cdc, adding that anything like this said on a flight is taken seriously. southwest also says it follows strict protocols while observing passengers for signs of illnessç live at philadelphia international airport, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, matt. new information about the u.s. ebola victim who died, medical records show that when thomas duncan arrived at a texas hospital for the first time, his temperature was 103 degrees, so high in fact the hospital's record-keeping system flagged it with an exclamation point. duncan was sent home even though he had other ebola symptoms and warned a nurse he had been in africa. he returned to the same hospital
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several days later before dying. the 1400 pages of records showed he denied being in contact with anyone who was sick in africa. his family provided those records. read more about the ebola outbreak on also, a way to help victims at west africa at an event this the weekend in philadelphia. he wants the death penalty. >> the man convicted yesterday of killing a baby and her grandmother in montgomery county says he wants to be executed. nbc 10's deanna durante has been in the courtroom in norristown all day. >> deanna, day ended in tears? >> reporter: it did. spectators, family members, the jury, all left here within the last 20 minutes. this was after hearing three victim pact statements. a letter from the mother of 10-month-old vansaanvi venna, t testimony of the 61-year-old's grandmother two sons. one of the sons is the father of that 10-month-old baby. he told the jury he can no
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longer trust people. on the day this happened, he simply thought his home phone was broken. he never imagined he would come home to find his mother murdered and his baby missing. the day started off with raghunandan yandamuri telling a judge that he wanted the death penalty. >> this was an act that was terrible, an unforgivable act but not born out of an evil earn, not the worst of the worst, that is language that the u.s. supreme court stated that is what the death penalty should be reserved for. ultimately life in prison without parole is appropriate. >> reporter: raghunandan yandamuri, despite his request to die, defense attorneys isç e presents experts witnesses, his gambling problem as reasons why he should not be put to death. >> he's killed two people, a 61-year-old grandmother and
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10-month-old baby. >> reporter: yandamuri made his request in open court but not in front of the jury. his lawyer says, though, he says he wants the death penalty, he's not sure his client really wants to be executed. >> i think at times when he's talked about wanting to receive the death penalty, he's afraid of being victimized in prison. >> reporter: one of the witnesses that took the stand, a social worker at the montgomery county prison who told a jury that yandamuri has been in one altercation in the prison and it was determined that he was defending himself in a fight, though he was still punished with five days in solitary confinement. what was raghunandan yandamuri doing while those victim pact statements were being read? he sat with his head down, his face covered with his hands. his attorneys tell me he was emotional, he didn't want to hear those statements. reporting live in norristown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. to a developing story now, philadelphia police looking for one man who they believe robbed 14 businesses in northeast philadelphia. investigators gave us an update in the last 90 minutes.
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they've gaven us surveillance video of the several of the armed robberies at 7-elevens since august. he's got an way with thousands of dollars from restaurants and convenience stores so far. >> he seems to pick the stores or businesses where there's no customers. he seems to wait when there's no customers, like 7-eleven, the clerk is in there by himself, no customers, he goes right in. >> no one was hurt in any of the holdups. if you recognize the man in this video, you're asked to call police. skinny joe y m a. r -- marlino, he's free while a judge decides the fed made a big mistake in this case. >> lu ann cahn was there whenç 'riff
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arrived. >> he's sporting a deep tan and the man some believe is running the philly mob in philadelphia, he's just a guy that wants a job in the restaurant. the u.s. attorney says you're an active member of the mob. >> the guy's mental. >> he's mental. >> reporter: last month he was four days away from completing three years of supervised probation in boca raton, florida. getting past that deadline would have meant the former mob boss could once again associate with anyone he wanted. but at the last minute, u.s. attorneys filed notice with the court that marlino violated his probation. >> one of his co-defendants in the case. >> john, a convicted mob guy who happened to be sitting outside federal court today as marlino, his wife and security crew came waltzing in. there may be no mummers parade for marlino.
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he could go back to jail if the feds get a chance to show potential evidence he's still part of la cosa nostra. his attorney, ed jacobs argued there is no case because the feds didn't file the legal summons in time. his supervised probation already expired. u.s. attorneys told the judge it was only because jacobs asked for a delay. meanwhile, in the courthouse, he told me he has plans to be a mate e e e er - er -- mater d. >> they're making some of his mother's recipes, he told me in the courthouse, for this restaurant he may work at. if the judge rules prosecutors can make their case, he'll have
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could come back here for a hearing. there is the risk he could go back to prison. back to you. >> lu ann, his attorney thinks what, this is prosecutorial revenge? ç >> what does marlino say about this? >> i asked him and he answered in his typical marlino fashion. he says, what do you think? you answer that question. that's what he said. there are some who are familiar with this case who believe that the feds actually planned or were trying to charge him with something new. but they were not able to make that case. so at the least minute, they came up with probation violation. but we'll have to see what the judge has to say. he's expected to rule in the next couple of weeks. live at the federal courthouse, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> colorful day, lu ann. thank you. this fire last september ripped through the dietz and watson plan the. the company has decided to move to the tacony section of philadelphia. that's where nbc 10's christine
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madella is live for us this afternoon. christine? >> we are standing outside the dietz and watson headquarters. it's largest manufacturing and processing plant. the distribution center is what you were talking about, that used to be across the river in delanco, new jersey. this empty lot will be the new distribution plant right next door this empty lot. a massive fired destroyed the dietz and watson center in 2003. the delanco was the main distribution center since 2007. the city of philadelphia reached out to dietz and watson to lure them to philadelphia. the city bought the land next door and sold a part of it to the food manufacturer. today they broke ground on the new distribution center. >> we like the idea of having a campus, of having everything all at one place. and you know, having our distribution center in new jersey was fine, nothing wrong with it but being able to have
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it here together is just kind of a dream come true. >> this afternoon i spoke to city leaders and they say this is a big win for philadelphia. i asked them what this means for the site, the employees and the future of this company. you'll hear what they have to say when i come back in about 30 minutes. reporting live in tacony, christine madella, nbc 10 news. all right. thank you, çchristine. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with the casino crisis in atlantic city. odds are stacked against another casino being saved. state leaders say new jersey will not give any money to billionaire carl icahn in his bid to buy the trump taj mahal which could close next month. ted greenberg live today in atlantic city. ted, people made their voices heard today at a news conference on the boardwalk. >> that's right, renee. casino workers, union leaders and elected officials held what was basically a verbal bashing of billionaire carl icahn who is
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the main lender to the company that owns the trump taj mahal. >> bankrupt trump entertainment resorts has threatened to close the taj in november if it doesn't get major cost-cutting concessions from workers and massive tax breaks from the city and state. the company shut down its other casino, trump plaza, last month. carl icahn says he'd consider providing a $100 million life line to save the taj if trump entertainment is able to get those concessions which would have workers give up their health care and pension benefits, something they're vehemently opposing as well as the government help. but when talking about that assistance at a news conference today, state senate president steve sweeney said no way. >> i have leadership from every branch of government. we're not doing a thing for you, mr. icoeyicahn, not while you'r trying to hurt the work he's of this state.
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>> reporter: icahn fired back at many of the accusations sweeney and others have been making about his role in the possible demise of the taj mahal. he said he's proud of his record here in atlantic city. we're digging into that part of the story at 5:30. live in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. the month-long for eric frein is putting a damper in at least one community. barre barrett township, trick other treating has beenç canceled an the parade may be canceled as well. philadelphia teachers protested at schools across the city this morning. their goal was to tell parents their side of the school budget crisis story. teachers tell nbc 10 they are
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willing to make con sessions. this morning a group of about a dozen teachers at northeast high school protested outside the school to make their point. teachers in other schools met with parents. the philadelphia federation of teachers called it truth day for the union. the union wants the school reform commission abolished. >> we are willing to contribute toward health care but we're not willing to be stuck up. by the src and to spend $500 a pay in order to have a family plan. >> when the src answer canceled the contract, it imposed changes in health care. the src also filed suit against the union. >> overseas, isis militants continue their advance on the syrian town of kobani near the turkish border. black smoke filled kobani's skyline today. there's word of militants have seized more than a third of the town now. u.s.-led air strikes have failed
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to stop the advance. kobani has been under assault by isis since mid-september. where is north korean leader kim jong-un? he didn't show up to a major event for the first time in three years. that's fueling speculation that he is ill. kim hasn't been seen publicly in more than a month now. at that time he was seen limping and he had gained some more weight. there's fear his absence could lead to a power struggle in the country which has nuclear weapons. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we've seen the clouds all day today and now we're seeing some light rain moving in but as we go through tonight, more rain will move in and the heaviest should be staying south of philadelphia. for south jersey and delaware, you have the best chance of seeing heavy rain overnight tonight. the rain will continue into tomorrow morning. have showers in the forecast, mainly the first half of the day saturday, gradual clearing later in the day. both saturday and sunday will be
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cool. so the entire weekend, temperatures will be the mid-to-low 60s. here's a live look at the link right now. cloudy conditions, overcast skies. temperatures only at 60 degrees. it is chilly today. pretty light wind but we are really watching the rain as it approaches. temperatures now through the lehigh valley, upper 50s, mid-50s in westchester, 58 pottstown, 59 allentown and trenton. even in mt. holly, much of south jersey is anywhere from the upper 50s to the low 60s. it will be hard to get warmer than we are right now. if anything, temperatures will keep on dropping as we go into the evening. here's a look at the satellite radar. most of what is moving in is light rain or areas of drizzle. but when you combine that with the chilly temperatures, it makes it feel colder out there. reading seeing light rain moving into chester county, montgomery, lower bucks county. through south jersey and delaware, these could be sprinkles heads towards the shore. if you look in the direction of
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the southwest, it's streaming towards us. we still have more rain to get through before we clear out and see the sunshine and, again, heavy rain possible overnight. big temperature contrast because of all the rain and cloud cover, north of that we're not really out of the 50s, south of that there are 80s. a big difference in temperatures. we, however, are stuck on the cooler side of it. clouds will hang around as we go through tonight. here's future weather by about 11:00 p.m. and midnight, more rain continues to move in. the heaviest, south jersey. overnight, the rain continues, starting off saturday. we wake up with light showers across the area. there could be embedded heavy showers. through mainly the middle of the day is when we get our last batch of real rain. through the afternoon we start to clear out. we see the clouds shift to the south. as we go into sunday we'll see plenty of sunshine, much drier conditions, especially for the eagles game. for tonight, late rain. 52 for the low in philadelphia. 48 degrees areas north and west.
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rainy in the morning, gradual drying through the afternoon. 60 to 63ç for the high temperature. it will stay cool across the weekend. sunday looks good, mid-60s. we'll see more sunshine. going into next week, we're back in the 70s. it does come with a few chances for rain. >> you see that eagle symbol on the sunday forecast. eagles getting ready for their sunday night game on nbc. >> the trash talking is taking on a celebrity slant. coming up, broad street against wall street. the new video created by a hollywood superstar who has eagles green running in his blood. and did you hear this one? comments from a top ceo, sparking outrage among women. what the leader of microsoft is saying today to calm the anger. plus, two recalls by major carmakers. the problems that could put you at risk as you're driving down the road.
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we have new information
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about a pair of alleged bicycle thieves. two suspected charged, robert and john, charged with stealing bikes from a center city garage last weekend. police said they were arrested yesterday as they were trying to steal two more bikes off the street. the pair stole four bicycles from a garage last weekend. this surveillance video allegedly shows them checking out the bikes and using a bolt cutter to get them loose. microsoft ceo is backing off comments he made regarding women and pay raises.ç the remark was made at a conference that celebrates women in computing. it came in response to a question about how women should ask for a raise. satya nadella said women should trust the system, they'll get rewards when they are deserved. this created a firestorm on twitter.
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>> they have risked their lives to save children, now they've won the nobel peace prize. 17-year-old malala yousafzai of pakistan, surviving being shot in the head by the taliban two years ago. she was targeted br supporting the education of girls. and 60-year-old kailash satyarthi of india has saved tens of thousands of children from slavery. the two of them are going to split the $1.1 million prize. yousafzai will be in philadelphia later this month. >> it is an honor to all my fellow indians. it's an honor for all those fighting against this globalry. >> kailash satyarthi founded save the childhood movement in 1980. this prize will be presented in oslo on december 10th.
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sheena parveen is following our top story today. >> that's right. we are tracking rain moving in as we go through your rain friday night. coming up, a timing of the rain and how soon it will clear out before we see more sunshine. >> also ahead at 4:30, breaking ground on a new start for a company that lost it all just a year ago. how it's changing neighborhoods in both new jersey and pennsylvania. then coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a pennsylvania supreme court justice under review. the reason why former eagles court judge shamus mccaffrey is the subject of an investigation. this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest.
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for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message. this is nbc 10 news. right now at 4:30, tracking rain. it is a wet start to the weekend
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as you can see on the nbc 10 first alert weather radar. >> not great at all for all that outdoor fall cleaning up you might need to do. those leaves do need to be raked. people shopping in greenville, new castle county. you'll have to wait before you can start that outdoor work. maybe that's a reprieve for some. rain is moving in. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen tracking the showers and when they'll be out of here. sheena? >> yes, it will be a while before we completely clear up and see the sunshine again. we've had clouds and cooler temperatures. on the radar we still do have some light showers moving in. they're mainly spotty at this point, through chester county, berks county, into parts of montgomery county. these are mostly light scattered showers. as we go into the weekend, we are tracking rain to start off your saturday, much like it was the last weekend. this time it might be lasting longer. if you remember last saturday waking up to the rain. you remember the clouds and the rain to the west. notice the direction it's moving. it's not moving south.
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it's moving from west to east. we have to get through all this moisture before we actually clear out. as we go through tonight, some of us mainly south of philadelphia could be dealing with heavy rain overnight tonight. temperatures are stay on the chilly side, some of us not getting out of the upper 50s. 58 degrees in pottsville. 59 mt. holly, the poconos in the mid-50s and we'll continue with the rain chances as we go through this evening. here's future weather. the clouds stick around, the light showers as we go through the next few hours. your friday evening, just take an umbrella in case you run that a shower. it's later tornado that we see more rain moving in. by 11:00 p.m., south jersey and delaware could be dealing with heavy rain. back off to our west, more rain moves in overnight. coming up, i'll show you the timing of the rain as we go into the weekend. this reminder, get important weather information delivered to your smartphone or tablet. it's a free download you can get on our website at
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past and present, together again. the fire you see on the left-hand side of your screen, it destroyed a business in delanco county. dietz and watson will be in philadelphia. >> christine madella live in tacony. >> one side of the river is winning, the other side suffering. >> delanco, new jersey is losing a big part of its community. the dietz and watson distribution center and all jobs that go along with it but their loss is philadelphia's gain. >> big day. this is a huge day for philadelphia. >> allen greenberger is philadelphia's deputy mayor for economic development. to him, today's ground breaking is more than making way for new construction. it's a boost for philadelphia's economy. >> our communities need these kind of jobs in order for philadelphia to sustain itself and grow. >> because if plants like this go elsewhere, what does that mean for philadelphia and
4:33 pm
pennsylvania? >> it means that those jobs are cut out from our communities and our residents. we all know about the loss of industry in philadelphia over the last 100 years. we have to bring those kind of jobs back to the city. >> dietz and watson's ceo says the city of philadelphia beat out offers from new jersey because they bought this land next door to the food manufacturer's plan the in tacony and sold it to the company. >> it's a win for us. like i said, it's all together. it's a çcampus. there's nothing better than having everybody together. but the city of philadelphia, bringing jobs back and hopefully we'll expand and add new jobs, new manufacturing jobs. it should be a win/win for both. >> the move is reassuring for dietz and watson employee george cravee. >> hopefully this will keep a lot of jobs here. it will be a good thing for philadelphia. >> but on the other side of the river, i talked to residents and
4:34 pm
city workers in delanco who say they're sorry to see the dietz and watson plan the relocate elsewhere and they said it's a big blow to their economy. that property in delanco is now up for sale. reporting live in tacony, christine madella, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, christine. two penn state students will spend two years on probation after admitting to vandalizing a building last year. the two were caught on security cameras painting sexual, graphic and anti-semitic words and images on cars, a trash can as well as a trash can outside the fraternity. they were expelled from their own fraternity. >> one man is in custody after the accident early this morning in sheltonham avenue.
4:35 pm
he was arrested a few blocks away. no charges yet. police waiting for the results of toxicology reports. masked men robbed a bucks county bar earl early this morning and tasered one of the employees. it happened at bar lewis in bensalem. the armed robbers forced all the workers into a walk-in freeze enaand they stole some cash. one of the suspects hit an employee with a stun gun and drove away with that victim's car. the yellow ford mustang was later found in northeast philadelphia. the robbers, though, they're still on the run. the tasered employee will be okay. >> there is just an urgent need for donations and supplies to help combat the spreadç of the ebola virus in west africa. members of a fraternity are collecting items at the hearts for liberia event. it's being held at enone
4:36 pm
tabernacle. >> bleach, canned beans, 15 ounce cans, canned tuna or chicken. >> medical gloves and boxes of uncooked rice are also needed. the collection drive is happening tomorrow at noon. the family life center leichted on west sheltonham avenue in west philadelphia. for a list of items needed go to volunteers from td bank dug in to plant 100 trees in camden today. trees now part of dudley grange park. bank employees were helped by members after license for community trees. as they go he, the tree will provide shade and help with storm water drainage. more trouble for carmakers. >> two new recalls to tell you about next. but first, here's what we're working on for you right now for nbc 10 news at 5:00. just asking people to have a heart. >> protesters in atlantic city going after a casino billionaire, saying he's preying on the town's work force. coming up, why workers are targeting him for not saving the city. then, since this ebola scare
4:37 pm
on a philadelphia flight, we're checking into mass transit in the city, asking septa how they plan to keep riders safe. plus, an irs phone scheme scaring victims into handing over cash. how the callers pose as government officials to get your personal information. out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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change in leadership at a new brewery. they have a new ceo.
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benz, a penn graduate has been with dogfish for 11 years. if you drive an older mitsubishi, you mayç be making trip to the dealer. the automaker is recalling lancers and outlanders made between 2008 and 2011. documents given to safety regulators reveal stalling problems with the cars. warn pulleys can damage the drive belt, stopping the battery from charging. the power steering can also seize. dealers will fix the problem for free. driving a nissan, that car company is recalling more than 220,000 altimas. the hood can fly open without warning. the recall involves 2013s but nissan says they will fix the latch lever on other ultima model years as well. the new change comes for local parents. >> still ahead, tests that could save the lives of newborns. and innocent mistake. what researchers found parents are doing wrong when they bring
4:41 pm
their little ones home from the hospital for the first time. and i'm tracking rain, moving in right now and it's going to last into part of your weekend. i'll show you the timing on the weekend rain coming up. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, pennsylvania supreme court judge mccaffrey is under state review. why the exeagles court judge is being investigated. ebola and enterovirus d68, just the latest outbreaks of disease that have caught the nation's attention. virus is spreading fear across our area. >> i'm jacqueline london for nbc 10 @issue. that's coming up at 11:30 on nbc 10, following "meet the press." ♪
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change for new parents in
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pensz. >> newborn babies will soon have to have more tests at the hospital. the list will be expanded for which newborns will be screened. they gave final approval to hannah's law yesterday. turns out going home for the first time could put newborn babies at risk. a new study finds most new parents don't secure little ones in the car seat properly. almost 93% made serious mistakes. some don't it the lock the seat belt securely. during the survey, the researchers helped the parents correct their mistakes before sending them home. new research finds some lung cancers can go undetected for more than two decades before turning aggressive and causing symptoms. it takes a new trigger to cause it to grow quickly. the research finds one tumor can have many different genetic
4:46 pm
faults. lung cancer is the number one cancer killer for men and women in the u.s. temple university has a new $137 million science center, paid for mainly by the state. the buildings on the main campus in philadelphia. it was officially dedicated this morning. it features high-tech research and lecture labs. as well as microscopes that can see down to lower levels. we have showers across the area. this will continue into tonight. we'll continue seeing the rain move in. with will last overnight tonight. some of it could be locally heavy and will continue into tomorrow morning. have rain in the forecast again, kind of like last weekend. overall, both saturday and sunday will be a cooler day. both in the afternoon, highs
4:47 pm
still about the mid-to-low 60s. 59 in reading, allentown. we shouldn't really be warming up from here, especially with the rain approaching. 60 now in philadelphia. wilmington, upper 50s through some of the suburbs in new jersey. some of the clouds are bringing in the rain. it's mainly light rain, so this is mostly north and west of philadelphia. moving through upper bucks county, much of montgomery county seeing drizzle, areas of sprinkles or very, very light rain in parts of chester county as pell. we're seeing scattered light rain, through delaware and south jersey, closer to the shore. this is mostly sprinkles or some of this where it starts to get very light green. it's not really i hadding the grou -- hitting the ground just yet. here's a live look at center city from the adventure aquarium. overcast conditions, cool temperatures. it's not very windy out today. winds are fairly light. as we go into tomorrow, winds
4:48 pm
won't be an issue. it will be the morning rain that will be watching. even off to our west, you see a big band of moisture streaming in. it's moving from west to east. we have more clouds in the forecast tonight. more rain in the forecast tonight and, again, this will continue into the start of your weekend. it will be a while before we see a little more in the way of sunshine. it's going to be more than 24 hours. here's future weather, so the clouds continue, rain approaches to late tonight. heavy rain south of the area. this is 11:00 p.m. rain off to our west. moving into delaware and south jersey. some of it could be heavy. it shifts up to the north into tomorrow morning. by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, light rain with possibly moderate to heavy rain embedded in that. this will start off your day. as we go through the noon hour, that starts to leave the area. late in the day we start to see gradual drying and clearing. so saturday night we should start to see the clouds clear up. then we go into send. we're looking at a nice day sunday. more sunshine but those
4:49 pm
temperatures will still be on the cool side. for the eagles game, we expect to stay dry.ç we see temperatures in the upper 50s by 8:30, by the state of the game. by 11:00, we're down into the mid-50s. late rain moving in overnight, heaviest rain stays south of philadelphia. into tomorrow morning we could still see those pockets of heavy showers moving up through the area. rainy in the morning, gradual drying through the afternoon. 60 to 63 degrees through the day tomorrow. so a cooler weekend overall, mid-60s as we go into sunday. upper 50s to start off the eagles game and into next week, we are back into the 70s. trash talk for the philadelphia eagles. >> it's coming from a hollywood a-lister. also ahead, it's a blackout for the eagles this weekend. we'll explain why their trademark green is changing for the first time ever. >> then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, no deal but no threat of a strike, at least not yet. what president obama did today to keep septa's trains rolling.
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the eagles of course hope to put another notch in the win column this weekend. a live look at lincoln financial field where they're going to take on the giants this weekend right here on nbc 10. >> want to know the best way to shut a loud mouth up? ç >> bradley cooper pumping up eagle fans with a new trash talk video. this has gone viral. he mocks the new york city accent and sees sunday night matchup as a street fight, broad street versus wall street. >> and today the "sunday night football" bus was in town busing
4:54 pm
an interactive fan experience on wheels. on sunday look for it in front of xfinity live in south philadelphia. eagles/giants are a classic rivalry of course. >> you better believe that. but there will be a new look on the field for the first time. danny pommel joins us live. >> the team is changing its colors this sunday, right? >> you've got that right. rarely do we talk about football and fashion. the only green the eagles will be wearing sunday is on their helmets. the sunday night football  displaying a black jersey. the birds have worn these jerseys before but never before with black pants. the eagles are calling it a blackout. >> i'm excited for that. you've got to look good and you end up playing good, too.
4:55 pm
>> the eagles last wore the black jersey week 13 last season. they won that game. maybe he has a point. we'll have much more at 6:00. danny pommel, comcast sportsdesk. coverage on sunday night starts at 7:00, kickoff at 8:00. an extensive postgame show with live interviews with the players, coaches and more, all sunday night right here on nbc 10. listen to this, katy perry will reportedly perform during halftime at the super bowl. there had been rumors about rihanna and cold play.ç bruno mars performed last year. watch the super bowl right here on nbc 10 february 1st. ebola scare caught on tape. >> it was all a joke but the emergency response was very real. after this video aboard an airplane went viral online.
4:56 pm
today nbc 10 talks to local transit officials about what they would have done if this ebola scare were real. a look at our weather with sheena. >> we've seen the clouds around all day but now we have light showers moving in, more rain as we go through tonight and to start off your weekend. i'll show you the timing of that, coming up. plus, avoiding another septa regional rail strike. what the white house did today to make sure the trains in our area keep running. it's all next on nbc 10 news at 5:00. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv?
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now, nbc 10 first alert radar tracking some rain as you see right there, showers moving through parts of the area this evening. it's just the first part of a wet system that's going to bring stronger showers tonight and also into tomorrow. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here now to tell us what we can expect tonight. sheena? >> well, we will see more rain move in as we go through tonight. we could see heavy showers through the overnight hours and even into early saturday morning. there is rain in the forecast to start off your weekend. right now here's a look at the radar. so with the rain around, we don't see too much just yet. a few areas of light showers, mainly in parts of lower montgomery county. kind of scattered, so it's nothing impressive at the moment. a lot of the moisture is still back off to our west. we have the overcast skies and cooler temperatures. the heavier rain is now moving into parts of tennessee and even farther west than that.
5:00 pm
so this entire weather system is moving from west to east. it's all moving into our area and we're not going to see the sunshine until we get through all this. that does mean more than 24 hours of cloudsç and overnight showers before it all breaks free and we start to see more clearing. here's future weather as we go through the next few hours. we start to see light showers continue to approach. by 7:00 p.m., scattered showers around. by 9:00 p.m., heavy rain mainly south of the area. by 11:00 p.m., we start to see some of the heavy rain possibly in south jersey and delaware. this rain will set up to move in as we start off our saturday. i'll show you a timing of the rain through the weekend, how long it will last, when it will clear and cooler temperatures, that's straight ahead. sheena will return in less than 15 minutes. nbc 10 will be tracking the rain over the next hour and a half. we'll be looking at your forecast neighborhood by neighborhood and tig